“Martyrika” in Greek means “to witness”. Thus, those little crosses that we wear in a christening means that we are witnessing the act of baptism.

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Oil set


Oil sets include the bottle for the olive oil, the three candles for the baptismal font and the soap.
For the soaps I use only “Apeiranthos” natural products.

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Towels are an important part of the christening set. All towels are washed with baby’s detergent and then appliqued. The set includes two towels: a big one (70×140 cm) for the baby and a small one for the hands of the godmother/father.

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Christening sets


The most important thing in a christening is for the godfather/mother or the parents to be able to have for their baby exactly what they want. With that in mind, I am sewing sets that reflect your wants. Here you will find a collection of christening sets that have already been delivered.

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